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Safely pay via credit card or cash. Service is a top priority here, and one of the many things Princess of India prides itself on is our quality service. What’s the point of offering a unique and different range of food, if the delivery experience isn’t equally as fresh and on time? Don’t hesitate, order an online takeaway right now!

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10 Morden Court Parade, London Road
Morden, SM45HJ

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fairly hot


very mild


prepared with onion, green pepper, tomato and green chilli


pieces of chicken tikka cooked with a creamy tomato sauce with almonds

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1,068 reviews


  • always great food from here!!


  • Not bad


  • order was late and wrong very greasy full of oil not much flavour


  • Delicious


  • Good food. Decent delivery. Pahwari naan was awesome. Mixed biriahni was good. The rice was cooked perfectly.


  • Chapati to dry to eat,rice was just a big clump and tasteless the vindaloo was mild and not what i asked for the bharji was good as was the other dish.


  • The Indian delivery driver turned up and made up his own extra delivery cost! He demanded that I pay him an extra £3, though I had already settled payment in full through the Hungry House website. I don't know if that's acceptable in India, but in the UK we have legal safeguards against this kind of thing. I had to close the door on him.


  • food was tasty like always but took 2 hours to be delivered. Then driver admitted the restaurant took phone of the hook because they to busy so I couldn’t chase them on my foot so we just had to wait.


  • Never received the main course, customer service absolutely shocking, will never order from there again


  • An item was missing, so the overall experience was rubbish. When I complained apparently I was given a £5 voucher applicable to non-cash orders. What a joke! I pay with cash for most of my orders.


  • always good food


  • The curry only had a few chunks of meat while the rest was just sauce. Wasn't really that nice I'm afraid.


  • half of it was cold when it arrived and they forgot the pickle we ordered.


  • The delivery was late, and the deliveryman charged an extra £3 delivery, before delivering an (unprompted) complaint about how far away. In fact, for fun, lets reenact the whole conversation verbatim. DM: That'll be £15.15 Me: [handing over £12.15] wait, what? DM: That'll be £15.15. Including delivery charge Me: Oh... [runs upstairs to get additional money, returns, hands over excessive cash] DM: Do you know where this restaurant is? Me: No, sorry DM: This restaurant, Princess of INdia Me: ... No, sorry DM: Its in Morden. It takes an hour to get here at this time (7.30pm Sunday). You should consider this before ordering. Me: I just ordered on hungry house DM: Well OK. [turns and walks away]


  • *****